Tutorial: More DATA Step features in SAS

There are so many cool and wonderful things that you can do in the DATA step in SAS, that it’s really hard to showcase a few of them.  So, let’s start by reviewing information the SAS DATA Step from the SASsyFridays blog.  Then if we have time, let’s start investigating some of the functions we can use in the DATA Step, DIF() and LAG().

If you have any specific questions, please bring them and we can work through them together.



With low interest in this week’s tutorial, I have decided to cancel the session.

Please visit https://oacstats.blog/2018/05/01/s18-spss-workshop/  to review the different topics of the SPSS workshop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to book an appointment to go over them – http://oacstats.youcanbook.me

Thank-you and sorry for the inconvenience,