New Era and New Support opportunities

Hello hello! If you’ve been following this blog you know it’s been ages since I’ve written on here. I was always told hosting a blog can be a lot of work and challenging – but I’ve always had so much fun doing it – and I will continue – so no worries. However, you may also know that I’ve changed positions at the University of Guelph and am no longer the Stats Consultant for OAC and as a result there will be a few changes around here.

First notice that the URL and name of the blog has changed – it is now the Agricultural Statistics blog and the URL is now . You can contact me 2 ways now: or . Drop me a line to say hi or with a question!

More changes to the blog happening over the next week or so – I will be marking all workshops blog posts with an ARCHIVE note – the materials will stay but please note that they are older materials created in my old position. The plan is to update/create new materials over the year or so.

Now for the fun and good news! I will be posting a new blog with a specific topic once every 2 weeks. If there is any coding to be included as examples – I will try to include both SAS and R coding. If you have any questions about the blogpost – please comment or send me an email.

We’ll see what the response is to the new blogposts. I am willing to entertain after hours virtual workshops in the future for a nominal fee. If this is of interest – please let me know. This is something that I will only consider IF there is interest.

Alrighty – with that – I have some cleaning to do here. Hope to see you here on the new Ag Stats blog.

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