ARCHIVE: Summer 2018: R-users and SASsy Fridays Hiatus!

Good day everyone!

I’ve been talking with a few folks about these during the summer and consensus is that everyone is busy and it will be tough to maintain attendance.  So, with that in mind, both the R-Users and SASsy Fridays sessions will be back in the Fall!

Apologies to anyone who was planning on coming.  Topics listed will be presented in September.

Have a great summer!  See you all in the Fall!

ARCHIVE: Summer 2018 – SASsyFridays and R Users Group

I will continue to facilitate the SASsyFridays and the R-Users Group for May and June.  With most graduate students and researchers out in the field during the summer, we will take a hiatus for the months of July and August, and reconvene in September to continue to learn more about SAS and R.

Topics and dates for the upcoming SASsyFridays:

May 18:  Using Proc GLMPOWER to estimate power for your completed analyses
June 15: Tips and Tricks #1: debugging your data for analysis – PRINT, FREQ, MEANS
June 29: Tips and Tricks #2: debugging your data for analysis – LENGTH, UNIVARIATE

Topics and dates for the upcoming R Users Group:

May 11: Introduction to R-Markdown – how to save your output in Word
June 8:  Tentative: Tips and Tricks on finding R resources
June 22:  Tentative: More of GGPLOT2